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Contact me: 

Rev Clare R Palace
Capitol Hill Celebrant 

920 G Street SE

Washington DC 20003

Tel: 202-904-1096

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If your question is not answered here,
please feel free to e-mail or call  and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Will you meet with us?
Absolutely, as many times as you want.

What can we expect at our first meeting?
I will bring samples of vows, readings, rituals,
a ceremony structure which is a beginning. 
You can change and re-arrange all of the
ceremony elements.  In your folder there
will also be “homework!” No grading!! 
You will each get a questionnaire
to fill out that will help me to get to know you
better. You can tell me about how you met and
fell in love, what you love about each other,
and your future plans.  I will write your
ceremony from your own words.
     If you want to secure your date, we can
fill out contracts – one for you, one for me and
I will accept your retainer fee.  If you want
to think about it, I will give you a self-addressed,
stamped envelope and, if you decide to retain
me as your officiant, you can mail the contracts
and initial fee to me at a later date.

How early should we book?
Dates can fill quickly – especially Saturdays.
Call to check your date or e-mail as soon as you have your date chosen.
A retainer fee is required to hold your date.

Can you marry us on really short notice?
If the date is available, I would be happy to
perform your wedding.  

What is the cost?
Costs vary from $200 for a simple elopement ,  to *$1200 (depending on size and complexity of the wedding and number of consultations)
I will be happy to discuss payment plans,
if your budget is tight.

How do we pay?
Personal check or cash or credit card.

Will I need a rehearsal?
Rehearsals are a wonderful way to ensure that
everyone will know what they are suppose to do
for your big day, but this is up to you. 

How long are rehearsals?
The actual rehearsal usually lasts about
20 – 30 minutes. Please allow about
30 minutes for your wedding party
to arrive and have a little time to chat
before the rehearsal begins.

Will you meet with us prior to the ceremony?
Absolutely, as many times as you want.  We can also
Email and chat on the phone.  I will re-write your
Ceremony until it is exactly the way you want it!

How long is the ceremony?
Ceremonies vary from 2 minutes to an hour, it is really up to you and how many elements you want to include.

What time do you arrive to the ceremony?
I will arrive at your ceremony location at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Usally I will get there as early as an hour ahead.

What if our ceremony is running behind,
how long will you stay?
I allot approximately 2 hours total for your ceremony. 

Can our children participate?
Absolutely, In fact I encourage you to include your children in the ceremony. I have several beautiful rituals and  vows that work very well with children of any age  Children from previous relationships sometimes feel left out and this is a beautiful way to let them know they are a member of this new family. 
A special gift can be presented to the child
at this time. 

Can our family (parents, grandparents etc.)
Yes, I think it is wonderful when many members
of your family and/or your friends participate
in the ceremony.

A member of my family has passed away. 
Is there a way to honor their memory
at the ceremony?
There are several options available
to remember a family member who
has died or who cannot attend your
ceremony for any reason.

Can our pets participate?
What fun! Yes!
But please check with your
ceremony venue for their

Do you perform theme weddings?
Yes, I can perform theme weddings. My theater background gives me the experience to help you fulfill your dreams from start to finish. 

Are you an ordained minister?
Yes, I am an ordained minister through
the Universal Brotherhood Movement
and I am a graduate
member of Celebrant  Foundation
and Institute.

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